Ryan Paris

Slide Joe , Rhim some rap then inside once again ahaha ,
selected on the town, all time belle let us sing a sound for real
on the beach, all night put inside the sun,  laid back ye ye yyeah , feel the sunshine ah

Belle just you and me tonight  and all this world just seems so far away
Belle because I hold you tight, I feel that everything is on it´s way
Everyday we grow like flowers dancing in the rain
every night we feel the power and it must come from above
and the people call it love

oh belle you´re my strenght and weakness , when I´m with you my heart gets a beat
when we dance real close , then my knees get weak , your love is so deep
Hold me tight and call me your lover no more dream is undercover
wanna dance till the sun comes up and be with you till eternity

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