In Love again
Ryan Paris

Another day, another night, it´s nice to live the dolce vita with somebody
a dream can flow with the smile you can show that you are ready to love again
I´m sitting here, I think of you, I´m also feeling that for me there´s nobody
which make me feel the way that you do and now we are 2 in love again

And I can tell you in love again, you can read the shadows in my heart
3 are the words you told me and it changed myself  they are love, love, love

Another night, another day and it´s good to be in love again

Sometimes we cry and then we fly, it´s nice to share this magic feeling with somebody
I only know that a dream can come tru if love is on his way
And now I´m here, I sing a song, oh yes I´m feeling that out there is somebody
which makes this world a nice place to stay out of the blue in love again

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