Let's Do It Together

Music: Ryan Paris

Go for the best and train hard, 'cause what you' re doing  is what the world will see
and remember, you never have to worry, you are not alone, you are a team.
Go for the medal and choose the right way And always give the best you can give
All your doubts and fears will fade away And the spirit of the truth will live

Let' s do it together, to make it better, there is one stadium and you will see
there will be one world
we are the winning team and we make it right, let' s do it together all the time

This is your life, this is your chance,  let' s make it happen, let' s make it true
Be the fire that' s always burning, be the water always pure.
Don' t be a fool, don' t be alone, to be together is what we are living for;
hands in hands we' ll make it happen and we' ll celebrate with you

And with nothing more that the power inside you
And Mother Nature will make this power comes true

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