You´re My Life (It´s My life)
Lirycs and musical singing melody written by Ryan Paris

Once in a way you´ve shown me,
I came back again just to look with an open heart

and what I saw just heals me,
fills up my heart  and is taking my breath, my breath away

And I m so in love with this babe and somewhere 
I just know you will you stay in my heart ´till the end of time

You´re My Life (It´s My life) , now I know where I belong,
if I loose the way to go I can see it in your eyes
You´re My Life (It´s My life) and this is my way to go
 I open up my heart again, live again to know it s my life

Day after day you tell me sing for your love 
and your love will go on to shine
So everyday you heal me and we live the dream,
 baby It feels so good , keep it alive

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